Outfunnel Integration

Outfunnel Integration

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Outfunnel is a marketing automation tool that drives revenue by identifying your hottest opportunities with web tracking and lead scoring. This is different from Copper's Email Sequences feature (Business only)

Outfunnel can also send automated email sequences and campaigns to your Copper contacts, and then record their email and web engagement data. For enhanced visuals in your emails, you can pair Copper’s Outfunnel integration with our Mailchimp integration.

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In this article, we will cover:

Connecting Outfunnel to Copper

To connect Outfunnel and Copper you’ll need to generate a special code – your API key – in Copper and then add that to Outfunnel.

Note: Integrations and API keys can only be set up by Copper Admins or Account Owners.


Here's how to generate an API and connect Outfunnel:

  1. Log into the Copper web app.

  2. In the left sidebar, select Integrations.

  3. Click on “API Keys” and then “Generate API Key.”

  4. Copper will generate an API key for you. Copy it and log into Outfunnel.

  5. In Outfunnel, go to Account > Integrations and, next to Copper, click Connect.

  6. Paste the key into the API key field and add the email address you use to login to Copper.

  7. Click Save.


Copper and Outfunnel are now connected. Let’s create an email campaign!

Sending Outfunnel Email Campaigns to Your Copper Contacts

Depending on your goals, you can create two types of email campaigns in Outfunnel to drive sales:

  1. Single email campaigns – this is a one-off email that will be sent to anyone who matches the targeted criteria at the time of sending the campaign. Most suitable for announcements, invites, and sharing new content.

  2. Sequences – this is a multi-stage, drip campaign that will be launched for existing users and/or new users as they are added to the list. Most suitable for automating lead nurturing and follow-ups.

Use merge fields to personalize Outfunnel emails. In Outfunnel, you can select from a list of most commonly used merge fields, as well as any custom fields you may have added to Copper.


Choosing Your Copper Contacts in Outfunnel

When creating a campaign in Outfunnel, you’ll need to choose which contacts are going to receive the emails you send.

You can choose the recipients for campaigns based on three conditions in Copper:

  1. Tag (eg. WebinarAttendee, Tradeshow19Nov, etc.)

  2. Lead Status (eg. New, Unqualified, Qualified, etc.)

  3. Contact Type (eg. Potential Customer, Current Customer)

For example, you can have Outfunnel automatically send an introduction email to any lead in Copper whose status is “New.”


If you want to filter using a different field, feel free to send a suggestion to the Outfunnel team.

Note: if you are sending a Sequence campaign to a contact who matches the relevant criterion (such as Contact Type or Tag) at the time of sending the first email, but stops matching the criterion before subsequent emails are sent, the contact will be automatically unsubscribed from the campaign.

Syncing Email Engagement Data to Copper

Once you’ve sent out your email campaign, all email engagement data like opens, clicks, and replies will be automatically synced into Copper and recorded as an Activity.


Having easy access to your email marketing data in Copper allows you to streamline your sales process and quickly focus on the hottest leads. For example, you could build a call list composed of Leads or Contacts who have opened or clicked on your latest campaign to begin prospecting.

Since email engagement statistics are recorded as Activities in Copper, you can create filters or view reports that use this data. Let’s explore some examples:

  1. Check your engagement stats by going to the Activity tab in the Company Dashboard. Use this view to check out engagement events for each unique contact.

  2. Use the People view to create a filter based on opens/clicks. Go to People > Show filters (select the small filter icon in the top right-hand corner) > Activity type. Don’t forget to click Save Filter once you’re done creating it!

Syncing Copper and Mailchimp

Did you know Outfunnel has a seamless 2-way Copper to Mailchimp sync? This integration syncs all Copper contacts or specific segments to Mailchimp and records email engagement in Copper.

Tracking web visits

Outfunnel’s web visitor tracking feature allows you to add web visit data to Copper contacts. This is great if your goal is to prioritize or segment leads who have visited specific pages on your website.

Automatically Calculate Lead Scores Based on Email and Web Engagement

Finally, you can use all the email engagement data generated in Outfunnel's own email tool, by the Copper to Mailchimp integration, and through website tracking features to calculate lead scores and automatically sync this information to Copper.

Need a hand integrating Outfunnel? Reach out to Outfunnel’s Support team at support@outfunnel.com.

If you would like to share any feedback or comments on this native integration, feel free to contact our support team using the in-app chat or create a post in our community forum.

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