PersistIQ Integration

PersistIQ Integration

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About PersistIQ

PersistIQ is an email automation tool that is integrated with Copper. Automate personalized emails and follow-up campaigns directly from Copper to inbound and outbound contacts. PersistIQ has a free tier and their CEO does product demos five times a week.

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PersistIQ Integration

Our native integration allows you to easily add Copper leads or contacts directly to PersistIQ campaigns and keep your records up to date automatically. This integration saves you time and helps make you more effective at driving opportunities forward and is pretty easy to set up.

In this article, we’ll cover:

Understanding the PersistIQ integration

The PersistIQ integration allows us to view a few pieces of important information:

1. The campaign or list of campaigns where a lead/person has been added to and its current campaign state - whether it’s Active or Finished. You can see this under the ‘Related’ Section on a record.


2. View emails sent, tasks/call tasks completed, and the notes saved on these tasks. These can be viewed in your Activity summary (Dashboard > Activity) or in the activity feed of each record.


Integration Functionalities

The PersistIQ Integration allows you to push individual records(Lead/Person) or multiple records directly to PersistIQ without leaving the Copper dashboard. You can push an individual record to a PersistIQ campaign.


Or push multiple records, up to 200 records at a time(Leads/People) to a PersistIQ campaign.


After pushing the leads and adding them to your PersistIQ campaign, you can then check the campaign and ‘Review’ the emails then hit send!

Note: PersistIQ has an Auto-send feature. If this is enabled, you won’t have to hit the ‘Review Emails’ button since the system will start sending the emails automatically. It’s recommended to manually send the emails especially at the early stage of the campaign so you can still review the copy and make sure it looks great before sending them out.


The integration also allows you to sync the data between Copper and PersistIQ. The sync can be set up as a two-way sync or a one-way sync (Push to Copper or Pull from Copper). No need to use third-party integrations!

The integration can sync the following:

  • Lead Fields and Statuses

  • People Fields and Statuses

  • Company Fields

  • PersistIQ and Copper Users (sync record ownership)

  • Tags

Here’s an example:


Set up the PersistIQ Integration

Let's set up the PersistIQ-Copper integration. First, let's set up the connector from inside the Copper web app by going to Settings > Integrations > PersistIQ > Connect. This allows you to push records to PersistIQ.


Next, log into PersistIQ and go to Integrations > Settings > Copper.


Then configure users, fields, and status mapping.


A Few Notes:

  • When PersistIQ data changes, Copper will be updated in a few seconds.

  • When Copper data changes, PersistIQ will be updated in about 10 minutes.

  • Turning on the Sync does not automatically add records from Copper to PersistIQ or vice versa. Please configure lead/prospect creation in this section (refer to image) in PersistIQ. The settings will apply to future uploads or additions.

  • We can ‘Reload Copper configurations’ to make sure any changes in the settings will take effect asap.


Learn more about PersistIQ

Want to learn more about PersistIQ? Check out their Getting Started Guide for more information.

If you encounter any issues regarding the PersistIQ native integration, please create a support ticket with the PersistIQ team by sending an email to

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