DocuSign Integration

DocuSign Integration

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This native integration allows you to connect Copper directly to DocuSign in order to get signatures faster, track document status and once signed—store related e-signed documents on records within Copper for quick retrieval.

This integration makes it easy to send DocuSign envelopes from within Copper and displays the envelopes sent with the DocuSign-Copper integration in the Related section of each contact. Note, it does not sync envelopes to Copper if they were sent directly from DocuSign.

In this article we’ll look at:

Set up the DocuSign integration

Use the DocuSign integration

Watch as one of Copper's engineers walks you through a demo of the integration, and then read below for more detailed instructions.

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How to set up the DocuSign integration

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations in your Copper account.

  2. Locate the tile for DocuSign and click “Connect”. If you’re not signed into DocuSign, follow the prompts to sign in. If you’re already signed in to DocuSign, skip to the next step.

  3. Copper will then bring you to the Connect DocuSign settings page.

  4. First, designate the number of signers by adding or removing signer roles. These signer roles map to roles that are set in DocuSign at the template level. Having these role names helps match envelopes created in Copper with DocuSign Templates.

  5. Next, choose the number of DocuSign envelopes to display on each Copper record page.

  6. If necessary, click “Connect” in the bottom right corner.

  7. Below this, you can choose which records in Copper you’d like to display the DocuSign integration on.

  8. Finally on this page, you can choose from a list of locations that you’d like to display DocuSign.


How to use the DocuSign integration

Now that you’ve configured your preferences, let’s take a look at how to create a Docusign envelope in Copper, assign roles, and send it out.

  1. Navigate to a record that has the DocuSign integration enabled. For example, we can navigate to a Person record and locate the integration in the ‘Related’ panel.

  2. This section will eventually show any DocuSign envelopes that you’ve created in Copper. At this stage though, this section is likely blank.

  3. To get started, click the plus (+) symbol on the right side of the integration. You may be asked to authenticate by logging into DocuSign.

    Please note: Each Copper user will need their own DocuSign login in order to access and use the integration. As the authentication token is stored, each user should only need to sign in once.

  4. Once authenticated, Copper will display a pop-over box that asks you to “Choose Recipients and Assign Roles”. The Lead or Person record that you began this process on will auto-populate as the first signer.

    For example, if I begin this process from the record of John Smith, the Signer 1 role will be auto-populated with John Smith.

  5. You can then add additional recipients and roles. As you type the name of the recipient, Copper will suggest contacts and allow you to add them.

  6. Add a subject line. Please note there is a 100-character limit for the subject line when creating the envelope.

  7. Next, you’ll click “Add a File” and select the file or files that need to be signed to attach them to the envelope.

  8. When you’re finished attaching your files, click “Send to Docusign”. This will log you into your Docusign account and the Recipients/Signers with their roles, as well as the attached documents, will be pre-populated in the Docusign envelope.

  9. Click “Continue” and you’ll be able to edit or add additional recipients, add additional documents to the envelope if you didn’t do so in Copper, and adjust a variety of options like the signing order and message to recipients.

  10. While still in DocuSign, click next in the bottom right and you’ll be brought into the document or documents contained in the envelope where you can add fields like Signatures, Initials, Dates and more. For more information check out DocuSign’s help center.


    Please Note: If you’re using a DocuSign template with pre-configured Signatures, Initials. And Date boxes, you’ll likely be able to skip the previous step.

  11. Click “Send” in the bottom right corner of the screen and that’s it! You’ve sent your DocuSign envelope to recipients.

  12. Once you’ve sent the DocuSign envelope, the DocuSign section of the ‘Related’ panel in Copper will update to show the current status of the sent items, as well as the signing status for each recipient.

    Here is a list of all possible statuses that Copper will display for the overall envelope:


    Individual recipients will also display a status next to their names in the form of a colored dot.

    The status dot will let you know who you are still waiting on to sign the included documents. You can hover over the status icon with your cursor to get view more detailed status information.

To remove an envelope from a record within Copper, simply hover over the specific envelope in the related section of the record. Click the 'X' to remove the association.

Please note, after removing an envelope you will not be able to reassociate it with the record.


If you would like to share any feedback or comments on this native integration, feel free to contact our support team using the in-app chat. or create a post in our community forum.

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