PandaDoc Integration

PandaDoc Integration

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This integration will allow you to create, send, and track documents from PandaDoc for Opportunities, People, and Companies in Copper.

To use this integration, you will need :

  • An active Copper account (Professional or Business)

  • An active PandaDoc account (Business or Enterprise)

  • Chrome web browser

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Download the PandaDoc Chrome extension

To install the Chrome extension, go to your PandaDoc account and into Settings > API & Integrations, find Copper, click on it and click “Install Chrome extension.”


Login to your Copper account and access the PandaDoc panel

To access the PandaDoc panel, open any opportunity, people, or company record. The panel with Create new document button will automatically appear on the right once you install Copper Chrome extension.


Use PandaDoc Roles and templates to import Contact information

With Template Roles, we can import contact information (First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Company) from a Copper record.

  1. Create a Role first: open your template, go to Manage roles tab on the right, add a Role.

  2. Access Role variables: go to the Variables tab, find your role variables, copy and add them to your template.

Note: Variables aren't available to PandaDoc eSignature plan users.


Setup your templates to pass data from Copper

Variables are very helpful timesavers that will auto-fill information from an opportunity, people or a company record into a document. Learn more about PandaDoc variables here.

Note: this functionality isn't available to PandaDoc eSignature plan users.

  1. To view all of the available data that you can push from an opportunity, people or an organization record via variables to a document, click on the gear icon -> “Variables” tab;

  2. Copy a variable name with the square brackets from the list;

  3. Add it in your template.


From now on, every document created from an object within Copper — using this template — will be pre-filled with the information you set up.

Note: custom fields added to an opportunity, people or company will also show up in the list of variables.

Passing information from Copper into PandaDoc (via fields)

You can pass data into PandaDoc fields similarly to how variables operate. Unlike with variables, however, you don’t need to include square brackets.

In the list of tokens, copy the token without square brackets into Merge field.


Once the document has been sent, the recipient will see the pre-filled data and be able to update this field, provided the field has been assigned to them.

Send and track documents

  1. Go to a Copper opportunity, people or company, on the PandaDoc module, click "Create a new document";

  2. Select your template. If you are creating from an Opportunity record, Owner and Primary Contact will be suggested as recipients, assign them to Roles and click "Start editing";

  3. Check the document and send it out;

  4. Go back to the Copper record to track the document status.


Still have questions?

Still have questions? Contact the PandaDoc team for help with this third-party integration.

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