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Create a custom webhook to get Person info by ID
Create a custom webhook to get Person info by ID

Create a custom webhook to get Person info by ID

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This is an advanced step in Zapier. We are using Quickbooks as our trigger as an example, but you can use any trigger or actions before it.

To start, search for webhooks:

After you select "Webhooks," click "show less common options" in blue

Select "Custom Request" and click "Save + Continue"

What we are going to do is a little complicated. As long as you copy/paste the text below into your page just like the completed image shows(you can zoom in on the image with your browser), you can make this work! There is text below the completed image you can use to copy/paste in. What is this step for? We are going to use the email address from the QuickBooks payment to find the user ID in Copper.

Completed image:

Fill out "Set up Webhooks by Zapier Custom Request" by copying/pasting the text below so it matches the image.




Click the

to add more headers till there are four

Make it look like this by copy/pasting the values below in:

X-PW-UserEmail : type your registered copper email here

X-PW-AccessToken : Log into Copper --> Go to Settings -> API keys -> copy/paste API key here

X-PW-Application : developer_api

Content-Type : application/json

When all the fields have been filled out like the image above, hit

to test this step and then select "Create & Continue"

If it was not successful (a red error message pops up), check to make sure all fields are filled out correctly. If you see red marks, delete those. Those are extra spaces.

If you are successful, you should click "view your custom request" to see what it is you got back. What we are looking for in the thing we got back is the email.

You are all set! If you find the Id as highlighted in blue above, click "Continue"

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