Setting up Copper webhooks

Setting up Copper webhooks

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Copper webhooks allow you to subscribe to changes that happen in Copper. To use this article you will need a Trial, Professional or Business account. Full documentation of webhooks is here.

1. Create a Zapier account

2. Open Zapier and create a new Zap

3. Type in Webhook and select it

4. Select Catch Hook

5. Do not enter anything here, just select Continue

6. Underneath where it says "Use this:", is your unique URL that Copper will send alerts to. Copy/paste this somewhere for safe keeping. We will use it later.

7. Now we are going to create a subscription to a webhook, basically, to be alerted from Copper when something changes, etc.

There are different things you can subscribe to. For simplicity, in this example we are going to subscribe to receive a notification when a new person is created in Copper. For more information on what kind of updates you can receive notifications on, view our webhook documentation.

The following steps will require you to know or learn how to make a CURL request in terminal, PostMan or another tool.


a. Open a text editor and copy/paste the block of text from step 8 there. Paste the URL from step 6 inside the quotes where it says PASTE URL HERE. Change the text CHANGEME to something else.

b. Please open up CURL (here is how to open terminal to use CURL) or use PostMan with CURL if you do not have terminal.

8. Please copy/paste this CURL request into terminal after replacing the items in bold. When copy/pasting I recommend pasting and editing your API request into Sublime Text as a lot of other document software will put weird spaces in for you that will ruin the CURL request:

curl --request POST \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "X-PW-Application: developer_api" \
--header "X-PW-UserEmail:YOUREMAIL" \
โ€‹ \
--data '{"target":"PASTE URL HERE","type": "person","event": "new","secret":{"key":"CHANGEME"}}'

If you are importing into Postman because you cannot use terminal, remove all backslashes before clicking "import"

This is what it will look like in terminal:

9. After you have made a subscription. Click "Okay I did this" from before. Then go to Copper and create a new person record.

10. It should pick up the ID of the person you created

11. Click "view your hook" to see the ID of the record and find the record in Copper (you can do this by viewing the URL)

12. Yes, this is the right record, because the ID from above matches in the URL:

13. Then make a custom request to get the data from the ID

14. Then scroll down and make four headers and fill in your email and API key

15. Now you can add an action to update other systems with your updated Copper records! Or, you can delete your webhook request or, make a different subscription by following the instructions here.

In this example, I am filtering by assignee_id, formatting the text to split by commas, and pushing the values from step 2 into a Google Sheet.

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