Send automated emails via Zapier

Send automated emails via Zapier

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Zapier enables users to automate emails to customers through Copper Triggers. Below we will demonstrate how to automate a welcome email, sent from Gmail when an opportunity is ‘Won’ in our Sales Pipeline.

The link below will take you to a template to setup this Zap in your system. We've also included instructions in the document below.


Step 1 - Trigger: Updated Opportunity Status

Select Copper as the Trigger App then set the Trigger: Updated Opportunity Status. Proceed by connecting your account and testing the connection in the 'Test this Step' section. This is done by updating the status of an Opportunity that already existed in your account. This may take several updates to be captured.


Step 2 - Filter: Only continue if...

A filter is used to ensure that only certain Opportunities with an updated status get emailed. For this example we are sending a welcome email is only intended for sales Opportunities, that are owned by an individual, and when the Status is changed to 'Won'.

Click the plus button below the Trigger to add another action and select 'Zapier Filter' then 'Only continue if...'


Now under Edit Options select the below criteria for the Zap:

Criteria 1:


(Text) Exactly matches


Criteria 2:

Pipeline Name

(Text) Exactly matches


Criteria 3:

Assignee Name

(Text) Exactly matches

Name of Copper User that will be sending emails from


Step 3 - Action: Send Email

The final step in this Zap is to send the email once an Opportunity Status is updated and passes through the filter we just setup. Select Gmail for the Action App then Send Email for the Action and connect your email.

In the Edit Template select 'Primary Contact Primary Email' for the To field then the rest is up to you. Here is an example of the subject and body:



In order to test any Zap, you will need to complete the Test this Step section for the Trigger, each Filter, and each Action. If the test data that was captured from the Trigger does not meet the criteria to pass the Filter, you will not be able to continue. This can be ignored, however, by selecting 'Skip this Test'. This will turn on your Zap, but testing the Zap will proactively catch any issues within the Zap.

We recommend changing the Filter to match your test data, as well as emailing another email address you control to ensure everything is working properly. Once you confirm this, edit the Filter and Gmail step with the correct information, select 'Skip this Test', if necessary, 'Finish', and turn your Zap on!

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