Auto-create an invoice and a contact in Xero when an Opportunity moves into certain stage

Note: we have a native integration with Xero that is very easy to set up. We recommend trying that one before setting up your own Zapier integration with Xero.

To use Xero with Zapier, you will need a premium or trial Xero account.

To learn more about what automation you can create between Xero and Copper, please visit the Zapier website.  


What follows are steps to show how to log an invoice and create a person after an update opportunity stage using Xero. Why are we doing this? A lot of users want to avoid manual data entry so that when an opportunity is won in Copper, all the information on the opportunity and contact gets automatically passed into Xero.

The link below will take you to a template to setup this Zap in your system. We've also included instructions in the document below. 

How to make an invoice and a contact in Xero when I move my opportunity to a specific stage called "Create invoice":

Start a free Zapier trial from



In Zapier, this is what it will look like when you are done:


In Copper, create a stage in a pipeline called "Send invoice"

Go to settings -> pipelines -> click the pen icon next to the pipeline you want to change and add the stage.


Use the images below to guide you in building your first Zap. If these images are hard to see, please try zooming in on the page.


Log into Zapier and make a Zap

Search for Copper


Select "Updated Opportunity Stage"



Connect your Copper account

Log in. Get your Token from Copper -> Settings -> Integrations -> Generate a Zapier token -> Copy/paste your Zapier token in "Token"

Rename the account and test it by clicking 

Click "Save + Continue"

 Now it will ask you to "Test your Copper trigger by sending us a stage."


Go to your Copper account and move a test Opportunity into the new stage you created and wait for it to pick it up.

If it is successful, it will pick up the stage and look like this:


Click "view your stage" and make sure the right opportunity got passed by checking the stage. If it all looks good, hit continue.



For the next step, you are going to add a filter. Search for filter.




Make it look like the following so it matches the stage name



Then test it



For the next stage, you are going to add an action for Xero. Search for Xero.



Select "Create Update/Contact"



 Connect your Xero account

Then select "Test" to connect it



Pass in the information you want to add. You need at least to pass in contact name and email address.


Go to where it says Name:

Click  to add the Primary Contact Full Name from the Updated Opportunity Status



Do the same for the rest of the fields so it looks like this:



These are the rest of the fields as I scroll down. You can pick and choose what to add:



When you are done entering in the data you would like to add to your new person record in Xero, click "Continue" and test it by selecting "Create & Continue"




Select Create & Continue


If you are successful, view your sales invoice to make sure it looks ok.



Click "view your contact", scroll down, and make sure the name and Email address got passed through



For the next stage, you are going to add another action for Xero. Search for Xero.



Select "Create Sales Invoice"



Link and test your account you added before by selecting it and clicking "Test"



Edit your template. You need to at least pass the contact name and email address which you can get from the previous step and email address.


 You also need to pass in these fields. You can enter it however you like.



Then Continue and Create & Continue to test it.


If you are successful, view your sales invoice to make sure it looks ok.

Make sure the value of the Opportunity (in my case $100) and email address(in my case my contact's email is and name of the contact are all there. As well as other information you wanted transferred over:


This is what the full zap will look like:



Then go to Xero and make sure the person and corresponding invoice was created:



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