PandaDoc Integration


PandaDoc Availability: Business and Enterprise PandaDoc Plans.

Use PandaDoc to create proposals, quotes, contracts, and invoices. Send them directly from Copper CRM and collect electronic signatures. Client data saved in Copper automatically populates new documents. 

To enable this integration, create a PandaDoc account and download the PandaDoc Chrome extension for Copper

See below for more details.


What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is a deal acceleration platform built to empower sales teams. Close deals faster and create professional documents. PandaDoc enables you to generate proposals, quotes, and contracts using customizable templates with on-brand styles, themes, and rich media like videos and images. 

When you integrate with Copper, you can create, send, and track documents from People, Companies, or Opportunities records in your Copper account. It’s also possible to generate documents from templates, which will automatically populate with client and deal details saved in Copper. This can shave hours off your typical document workflows. 

What Does PandaDoc for Copper Do for You?

Here’s a quick rundown of the integration/extension’s core features:

  • Create proposals, quotes, contracts, and invoices - Create any document using PandaDoc templates and pre-fill it with CRM data. Send it for eSignatures from your Copper account. 
  • Leverage electronic signature software - PandaDoc comes with electronic signature software. You don’t need to pay for a separate service. 
  • Make it easy for customers to pay - Add payment options to documents so that clients can accept your proposals, quotes, or invoices, and pay straight away. 
  • Automatically populate documents with CRM data - Create customized documents in minutes with client and deal details from Copper CRM. 
  • Track the status of documents - Follow document statuses in Copper, which will be updated whenever a recipient opens or signs a document.
  • Collaborate easily - Collaborate on documents with real-time commenting and automated approval workflows. 


How to Enable the PandaDoc Integration

  1. Install PandaDoc Chrome extension for Copper.
  2. Log in to your PandaDoc account. Sign up for a free trial if you don’t have one
  3. In Copper, access the PandaDoc “panel” from any People, Companies, or Opportunities record (a client/company profile or an opportunity).
  4. Hit the Connect button to log into your PandaDoc account. 
  5. Create new or review existing documents associated with the record in Copper. 


How to Create, Autofill, and Send PandaDoc Documents

To auto-populate PandaDoc documents with client information stored in Copper, use the Tokens feature. Any details in Opportunity, People, or Company records can be used to autofill templates. 

Here’s what to do:

  1. Select the gear icon in the top right corner of the PandaDoc panel in Copper and click Tokens.

  2. Copy the token name you want to your clipboard.
  3. Create a new template or open an existing template from the template gallery in PandaDoc
  4. Paste the token name into your template where you want client details to show.
  5. To pull contacts associated with a record to a PandaDoc document, you need to create Template Roles. Using roles, you can assign Fields to different contacts and use Role Tokens to auto-fill contact information within any templates. Because one record in Copper might have multiple contacts , you need to “tell” PandaDoc which contact details to auto-fill fields with when creating documents from templates. 

    Do this by selecting Roles from the right hand menu and Add a New Role. 
  6. To use role-based tokens, select the Content tab from the right hand menu in the PandaDoc dashboard and click Tokens. Copy-and-paste the relevant tokens into your template. 
  7. Once you’re ready to send a document, simply open the relevant record in Copper and click Create a New Document. Modify the document and send it to your recipients. 

It’s also possible to upload your PDFs as templates (i.e. templates not created directly in PandaDoc) and pull data from Copper to document fields.


Still have questions?

Still have questions? Contact the PandaDoc team for help with this third-party integration.

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