PersistIQ Integration


PersistIQ is a sales engagement tool that offers a bi-directional contact sync with Copper and the ability to create, execute and report on campaigns with Copper contacts. Campaigns are a series of touchpoints with a lead or person, including emails, calls and tasks.

In this module, we'll tackle the following:

Understand PersistIQ

Set up the PersistIQ integration

Create a PersistIQ Campaign

Understand the PersistIQ integration

PersistIQ is a Sales Engagement tool that offers a two-way sync with Copper, or the alternative option to sync manually. PersistIQ contacts are known as 'Prospects.' These prospects in PersistIQ map to leads or people in Copper. Beyond contact management, PersistIQ allows you to create campaigns composed of touchpoints you want to make with leads or people in Copper, and report on the success of these campaigns. These campaign touchpoints could be emails, calls or tasks. Let's define each below:

  • Email - You'll compose an email template or pull in a shared email template that's available to you when creating this step in the campaign. PersistIQ lets you add 'Variables' to the template, which pull in the value of a field on a lead or person record in Copper. These emails are logged in Copper.
  • Call - You'll create a reminder to call the customer. You can add variables to the template to pull in the lead or person's name, phone number, etc. The call reminder template also lets you take notes during the call.
  • Task - A task in PersistIQ has a similar purpose to a task in Copper. It's a note-to-self to take action.You can add variables to the template to pull in the lead or person's name, phone number, etc. The task template also lets you add notes after the fact.

Set up the PersistIQ integration

  1. Sign into your PersistIQ account, and click your initials in the lower left corner of the UI.
  2. Choose 'Integrations' from the pop-up window.
  3. Find the Copper integration, and click 'Configure.'
  4. Click 'Connect' under Step 1.
  5. Enter your Copper user email address and your Copper API Token.
  6. Click 'Save.'
  7. In Step 2, check boxes to ensure you:
    1. Create a PersistIQ prospect when a Copper lead is created or updated.
    2. Create a PersistIQ prospect when a Copper person is created or updated.
    3. Create a Copper lead when PersistIQ prospect is created or updated.
Please Note: There is a bi-directional sync setting in PersistIQ that can setup how values are mapped between the two systems. You will want to make sure your terms are consistent, or else leads may be interpreted as an undesired status for example.

See the bi-directional settings in PersistIQ as described here: integrations/copper-crm/ persistiq-copper-integration- overview

Create a PersistIQ Campaign

  1. Sign into PersistIQ, and click the 'Campaigns' icon in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click the 'New Campaign' button in the upper right.
  3. Name your campaign.
  4. Choose how many prospects (Copper leads or people) you want to pull into this campaign daily.
  5. Click 'Save.'
Learn more about PersistIQ
Want to learn more about PersistIQ before you take the plunge? Check out their Getting Started Guide, which is in their larger Knowledge Base, for more information.
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