Chrome Extension is Not Working

We are sorry you are experiencing issues with our Extension. Please try these steps and let us know if it helps.

Note: If the person you are sending an email to has an Ad blocker on when they receive an email, you will not see bubbles for tracking. Also, some extensions are incompatible with ours and will interfere with tracking working. 



A. Clear your cache:


1) In the Chrome menu, go to 'Preferences' ⇨ 'Privacy' ⇨ 'Clear Browsing Data'
2) Have these ticked:
* Choose 'Since the beginning of time'
* Cookies and other site and plugin data
* Hosted app data
* Click 'Clear browsing data'
3) In the Chrome menu, go to 'Preferences' ⇨ 'About' ⇨ make sure Chrome is updated
4) Quit and reopen Chrome
5) Try signing into Copper again


B. Try reinstalling our Extension: Go to Chrome menu ⇨ 'Preferences' ⇨ 'Extensions' ⇨ Click the trash icon next to the Copper extension ⇨ Scroll down to add more extensions ⇨ re-add the Copper Extension:


C. If this does not work, these things can disable our Extension. Please try disabling them.
- Google labs
- Non Google extensions


D. If it turns out to be the other extensions that are disabling its use, you can enable the Copper extension in incognito mode and use it in incognito. That way if it turns out it is your non Google extensions causing it to work inconsistently, you can only use the Copper extension turned on incognito. Note: email tracking will not work in incognito mode. Steps to do this:

Click the three dots at the top right of your Chrome browser -> More Tools -> Extensions



Uncheck everything except for Copper and see if it works?



E. Otherwise, I would recommend restarting your computer, installing updates, making sure you do not sign into too many applications, using ethernet instead of wifi and then if it still does not work, trying to reinstall Chrome.


F. If nothing else works, it could be that you have a corrupt Chrome profile. Please reset your profile: 


G. If this does not work, please make a support request here: 



Are you using the extension for Google Inbox? Please follow these steps:


How to install the new Google Inbox extension:


1. After you switch to Inbox, click the Copper icon



2. Toggle it on





3. A pop up should appear. Click on "Try it." If you do not see the pop up, please enable pop ups temporarily in your Chrome settings. If you do not select "Try it," you will not be able to log in. To get the pop up again, go to the Copper icon and toggle the Inbox on again.




4. Click "Allow"



5. Your screen should refresh and allow you to log into Copper


6. If the extension does not log you in, please quit and reopen Chrome


For more information, here is our FAQ about the extension:








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