Google Contacts Two-Way Sync


ⓘ This feature is currently being rolled out. If you don't see this available in our account, please check back in a couple of weeks.

Our native two-way sync seamlessly connects Copper’s people records with Google Contacts. Once it’s set up, any changes to a Google Contact’s name, email, phone number, or address will automatically update their Copper person record -- and vice versa!

The two-way contact feature currently only works for organizations with less than 25k contacts. This is due to the limit on the maximum number of contacts you can add in the Google contacts app.

In this article, we will discuss:

  1. How to Enable Two-Way Sync
  2. Details About the Two-Way Sync


How to Enable Two-Way Sync

To get started, open the Copper web app and click on Settings and then Set Up Google > Google Sync Settings. The option for Sync Google Contacts is disabled by default if you have never synced your contacts before. Click the toggle to enable it.


Once you enable Sync Google Contacts, two options will appear:

  1. One Way Sync, which pushes changes on a Copper person into Google Contacts, and 
  2. Two Way Sync, which syncs changes in your Google Contacts with the person record in Copper. Conversely, any changes in a Copper person record will also be updated in Google Contacts.

Simply select your option and Copper will start syncing!


Details About the Two-Way Sync

Syncing Contacts for the First Time

When you enable two-way sync for the first time, Copper checks which Google Contacts and details are missing in Copper, and vice versa. We use the contact’s email address to check for any missing or updated information. This initial process can take up to 30 mins for each user.

Ongoing Contact Syncing

For ongoing syncs, the connection from Copper to Google is more or less instantaneous for Copper users who log in regularly. The changes from Google Contacts into Copper will take up to 10 minutes and we do additional checks three times a day to ensure your contacts are up to date.

If an email address changes in Google Contacts, we’ll use their phone number to match them to a Copper contact. Once we find the contact, we then append the new email address inside of Copper so you don’t lose any data.

Synced Fields

These fields will we automatically updated when your Copper People and Google Contacts are synced:

  • name
  • title
  • organization name
  • primary work address
  • email addresses
  • phone numbers
  • websites

If you would like additional information to be synced, please feel free to submit a feature request in our community forum.

Deleting Contacts

If you wish to delete a contact from both apps, you’ll need to do so in Copper. If you delete a contact in Google contacts, that contact will remain in Copper since Copper acts as the source of truth.

Duplicate Contacts

This update also includes de-duplication of contacts across both systems, leaving you with one version of the truth in both Google Contacts and in Copper.


If you have any feedback about this feature, please leave a comment in our Community forum for our product development team to see. We’re very excited to release this function and would love to hear your thoughts.

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