Step 2. Access Copper in Gmail or On The Go

You know your way around the desktop interface. Now let's explore some other ways to work in Copper that will make your life easier. 

The Chrome Extension

Want to work out of Copper and Gmail at the same time?

Our Chrome Extension lets you do just that. When you open Gmail, the Chrome Extension displays Copper data in a column at the right. The Chrome Extension lets you use all the same records management and email tracking functionality you'd have in the Copper Web App; you just need to return to the web app for pipeline visualization, account settings and reporting. Check out this video for an overview of what our Chrome Extension can do for you:

You can install the Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

The Gmail Add-On

Want to work out of Copper and Gmail at the same time in a browser that's not Chrome? Or maybe on your Android phone?

The Gmail Add-On lets you do just that. It has less functionality than the Chrome Extension, so be sure to review the feature comparison here

You can install it from the G Suite Marketplace.

The Mobile Apps

Want to use Copper on the go, on your smartphone and/or tablet?

You can do that with our iOS and Android mobile apps. 

Download the iOS app from iTunes or download the Android app from Google Play.

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