Create a Recurring Task


A recurring task is an action with a deadline that you perform on an ongoing cadence. Just create one recurring task, tell it how often to reoccur, and set a reminder relative to the task if you want a heads up when it approaches.

With Recurring tasks you can:

  • Automatically get reminded of upcoming events, like contract renewals or monthly check-ins
  • Regularly schedule account management calls at a cadence your customer prefers
  • Increase team productivity by saving them time and ensuring important items don’t slip through the cracks

Create a Recurring Task

  1. Sign into Copper, and click the 'Tasks' link.
  2. Click 'Add New.' Task5.png
  3. After entering a due date and time for your task, click the 'Set to repeat' link. Task6.png
  4. Choose the frequency for your recurring task. Task7.png
  5. Click the option to 'Add a reminder,' and choose how far in advance of the tasks' due dates you want to be reminded to complete the task. Note: The 'custom' reminder option doesn't work with recurring tasks. Task8.png
  6. Fill in the rest of the fields in your task, and click 'Save.'
  7. You'll see your recurring task in your list of tasks on the main page. Task9.png
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