Organize your Fields with Collapsible Sections


When you create a Lead, Person, Company, Opportunity, Project or Task in Copper, you're presented with fields to fill out that give that record more meaning and context within your workflow.

These fields may be default fields such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Status, Visibility or Owner. It's also likely that you've created custom fields that store data points on your records that are specific to your business or industry. These may be things like a Product Selection, Industry Type, Territory or Project Category. 

At some point, you may reach a number of fields that would benefit from some organization, and that's why Collapsible Sections are here to help.

Understand Collapsible Sections

Create and Order Collapsible Sections

Delete Collapsible Sections


Understand Collapsible Sections

Collapsible Sections in Copper allow you to create and name sections, and then organize your fields, both default and custom, within them. You can even create different field sections on each record type.

For example, on every record type, you might create a section called "Contact Details" and then store fields such as the Primary Contact Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address in that section.

Or, on your Opportunities, you might create a section called "Opportunity Details" and include fields like a Project Completion Date, Product Selection, Opportunity Value, and Description. 

If you're not using a certain set of fields, or simply don't need to see that data at the current moment, you can easily collapse them so only the relevant data is visible to you. 

Create and Order Collapsible Sections

Let's go through the process of creating "Contact Details" and "System Info" sections on our Lead records. 

  1. In your Copper account, navigate to Settings > Customize > Manage Fields on Records.
  2. Make sure the Leads tab is selected, then click ADD SECTION in the upper right corner. 
  3. Click "Group 1" to edit the section name and change it to "Contact Details". 
  4. Click and drag the two lines next to each field, and drop them into the "Contact Details" section.
  5. Click and drag the two lines to re-order the fields within the section.Screen_Recording_2019-09-16_at_10.36_AM.gif
  6. For this example, we'll add the Name, Company, Phone, Email and Website fields into the "Contact Details" section. Feel free to add any additional default or custom fields that make sense for your organization. If you need to create custom fields, learn how here.
  7. When you're finished, repeat steps 2-5 to create a "System Info" section for fields that specifically pertain to things like tags and visibility settings.
  8. In this example, we'll add the default fields Visibility, Tags, and Owner. Feel free to add any other custom fields that to this section that make sense for your organization. 
  9. If you'd like to re-order your new Field Sections, click and drag the two lines to the left of the section name. For instance, you may like to have the "Contact Details" section at the top.Screen_Recording_2019-09-16_at_01.50_PM.gif
  10. Your sections will save automatically, so you can move onto the next record type and organize you sections and fields. 
  11. When you're finished, navigate to each record and verify that that field sections are organized your liking. When they are, you're ready to get moving with Copper. 

Delete Collapsible Sections

If you'd like to delete your Collapsible Sections, please follow the instructions below. Deleting an organized field section will simply return the fields to their default positions. 

  1. Navigate back to Settings > Customize > Manage Fields on Records
  2. Locate the trashcan icon in the upper right corner of each field section.
  3. Click the trashcan icon to remove the field section. 
  4. Your fields, both default and custom, will return to their original order and position.


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