LinkedIn Integration via Leadjet


Leadjet connects Copper to LinkedIn using a browser extension. Create and enrich contacts, find qualified emails, and synchronize LinkedIn conversations directly from a LinkedIn profile to Copper in one click. Stop wasting time on manual lead capturing and data entry. Integrating with Leadjet means 4x faster prospect sourcing.


Read on to learn more about the Copper-Leadjet integration or check out the video below:


In this article, we will cover:

  1. Connecting Leadjet to Copper
  2. View Copper Contacts in LinkedIn
  3. Create Copper Contacts from LinkedIn profiles
  4. Sync LinkedIn Messages to Copper
  5. Add Notes to Copper from LinkedIn
  6. Update Contact Type from LinkedIn
  7. Leadjet Discount for Copper Users



Connecting Leadjet to Copper

Watch the video below or use our written instructions to connect Leadjet.

First, download the Leadjet Chrome extension.

  1. Go to and click "Add to Chrome" to install the Leadjet Chrome extension.
  2. Once installed, Leadjet will open LinkedIn and a setup window. Select Copper as your CRM.
  3. Generate a Copper API key by opening Copper in a separate tab and going to Settings > Integrations > API Keys. (Note: only Copper admins can generate API keys)
  4. Enter your API key and the email you use with Copper into the setup window and click "Submit."

Copper and Leadjet are now connected. Visit any LinkedIn profile to start creating and enriching new leads in Copper!


View Copper Contacts in LinkedIn

Once connected to Copper, Leadjet displays the contact info, status, notes, tasks, last activity, and ownership of Copper contacts when you visit their LinkedIn profiles. The information is embedded in each individual profile so it's accessible and editable by every sales team member in your organization.

If you already have someone in Copper, their name in LinkedIn will become highlighted in purple to make them visible at first glance in the feed, on the results page, and in the section "People Also Viewed."



Create Copper Contacts from LinkedIn Profiles

Here's how to create contacts in Copper from a LinkedIn profile:

  1. Visit the LinkedIn profile
  2. Click on "Add to Copper"
  3. Wait a second until the link "Go to Copper profile" appears
  4. A new record (and company, where needed) has been created in Copper, pre-filled with the most relevant contact fields

You can also add companies to Copper through the company's LinkedIn profile.



Sync LinkedIn Messages to Copper

Here's how to sync your LinkedIn conversations with Copper:

  1. Make sure that the contact already exists in Copper or has been added to Copper via Leadjet
  2. Open the LinkedIn Messaging or a messaging pop-up chat window (located at the bottom right corner of every page on LinkedIn)
  3. Visit an existing conversation with this contact or write him/her a message
  4. Click on the purple "Sync with CRM" button at the bottom of the message panel
  5. The conversation log is now available in Copper!



Add Notes to Copper from LinkedIn

Here's how to add notes to Copper from a LinkedIn profile:

  1. Visit the LinkedIn profile of a contact that is in your Copper CRM
  2. Click on "Open Notes" in the embedded section below the profile header
  3. Click "+ Add" a note

When you close the note window and open their Copper record, you'll see that the note is now available in Copper. It also works the other way around - Leadjet also displays notes in LinkedIn that were created in Copper.



Update Contact Type from LinkedIn

Here's how to update Copper contact types from LinkedIn:

  1. Visit a LinkedIn profile that is already in Copper
  2. Click on "Uncategorized" in the embedded section below the profile header
  3. Choose a contact type in the drop-down
  4. The contact type has been updated in Copper

It also works from Copper to LinkedIn, so if you change the contact type in Copper it will be reflected when you visit that person's LinkedIn profile.



Discount for Copper Users

Leadjet automatically applies a 50% discount on an annual plan for Copper users!

To get your Copper user discount, sign up at and they will apply the discount when you sign up for an annual subscription.




If you have any questions or encounter any issues, feel free to contact the Leadjet team at

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