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Merging/deleting duplicates in bulk

How do I merge or delete duplicates in bulk?

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How do I merge or delete duplicates in bulk?


The solution entails going to a Google sheet and downloading a free add-on called "Remove Duplicates" from AbleBits. If you are curious of the results of the workaround, skip to step 21.

The steps below will show you how to:

  • Delete your duplicates for one record type

  • Find and merge your duplicates for one record type

For example, you might have a lot of leads and need a way to identify the duplicates.


0. Go to Copper ->Settings -> Field Settings -> Leads (because I am trying to get rid of duplicates on leads) -> Create field -> Make a custom field dropdown called "Duplicates."

If you already have a field with this name, rename the old field.

1. Open a Google sheet


3. In this example, I am looking for duplicates of leads, so I will load leads:

4. Click Add-ons -> "Get add-ons" and install the one called "Remove Duplicates" from AbleBits. Follow the screenshots for instructions.



5. After it has been added, highlight the row you want to find duplicates and go to the drop down menu and se


lect "Remove Duplicates." Follow the Steps to have it find your duplicates.

​6. If you want to be able to identify and MERGE your duplicates, follow these next steps. If you want to delete the duplicates, not merge them, skip to step 11.


7. When you get to this step, click to "Add a status column"


8. The end result should look like this:

9. Change the name of column D from "Duplicates note" to "Duplicates"

10. Now you will skip to step 14 to use update on import to import the tag in so you can filter and merge the duplicates.

11. This step is for if you want to be able to delete your duplicates in the app.

At step 2, select "Duplicates"

At step four, select "add a status column"

12. After you click "Finish", it should look like this:

13. Change the name of column D from "Duplicates note" to "Duplicates"

14. Find your Copper ID and Duplicates columns

15. Delete all columns except Copper ID and Duplicates. To delete, right click on the columns and select delete.

16. The end result should look like this:

17. Go to file -> download as -> download as Microsoft Excel

18. Next, we are going to use our import feature to overwrite data to push in the new custom field so we can filter by it in the app.

Go to Copper -> Settings -> Import Data -> Import Leads (because I chose Leads in my example) -> Excel -> Choose file -> select the file you just downloaded

19. Select the checkbox for "Manage matching records" and overwrite. Make it look like this:

20. Click "continue import" on the bottom right and type in IMPORT

21. Filter for your new custom field and merge or delete your duplicates.

For merging, you will have to merge your pairs one by one.

merge records.png

For deleting duplicates, you can bulk delete

bulk delete.png
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