Managing duplicates

Managing duplicates

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There are several scenarios where the system will create a duplicate person, company or lead record. Let's explore these scenarios and the solution for consolidating these records.

How duplicates happen

  • People are uniquely identified with their email address.

  • Companies are uniquely identified with their email domain.

  • Leads do not have a unique identifier and will create duplicates.

  • If a lead gets converted but does not have a email address or have a non-matching email address, it will create a duplicate contact in people.

  • If you import another people or company record and the new record has a matching email address it will completely ignore the record.

To avoid duplicate records:

  • Use our update on import feature, manage matching records, to skip records that have identical emails. View the guide here.

Consolidate duplicate records

You can merge duplicate records. To do so, follow the instructions below:

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  1. Open up a list of People, Companies or Leads.

  2. Check the box next to each record you'd like to merge together.

  3. Click three dots near the top of the list. This will reveal the option to do a Merge.

  4. In the lightbox that appears, you'll choose which information you want to keep for the resulting record.

  5. Click 'Finish Merge' after you select the information you want to retain for the record.

Note: Merging multiple records is final. It cannot be undone.

How to merge or delete your records in bulk

Please view this guide here.

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