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Company Preferences and My Preferences settings

Company Preferences and My Preferences settings

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Understand the 'Company Preferences' setting

This found under Settings > Company Preferences. Admins can edit the company name that's displayed throughout Copper. Admins can also choose the currency that will be used to measure value throughout the account.

Understand the 'My Preferences' setting

This is found under Settings > My Preferences. Admins and users can set personal preferences for Copper in the following areas:

Upload a profile photo - We support JPEG and PNG files up to 1MB. We recommend using a 400x400 pixel image.

Choose a time zone - Select the time zone you'd like any time stamps in your account to adhere to.

Choose a date format - MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY

Choose a default currency - The Admin has already selected the currencies that are available in this drop-down menu. Each user can choose the currency they want to see leads, opportunities and reports reflected in.

Make tasks visible to others by default - Check this box if you want fellow Company Users to see your tasks.

Automatically set reminders on tasks with due dates - Check this box, then choose a default reminder time of: 1 day before; 2 days before; 1 day after; or 2 days after. Now when you create a task, you'll see a reminder date and time next to the due date and time.


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