Importing from Google Contacts

Importing from Google Contacts

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Follow the steps below to import records from Google Contacts into Copper.

  1. Log into Copper.

  2. Click on the Copper Menu

    icon on the top left corner.

  3. Select System Settings.

  4. Select ‘Import Data’ under the Data Management section of the left panel.

  5. Under the ‘Start a New Import’ section, choose either Import People or Import Leads button.


    Please note: If you're importing from a spreadsheet, import Companies first, then People and then Opportunities. Importing in this order will ensure that all records are related correctly. Leads can be imported at any time. If importing from Google Contacts start with People or Leads.

  6. Select Google Contacts from the list of Import sources.

  7. Select "All Contacts" or the Google Contacts folder(s)you would like to import from.
    Please note: Copper will ignore contacts that have already been added and will only import new contacts.

  8. Select the Contact Type.

  9. Click the Import Contacts button.


    Please note: Contacts being imported from Google Contacts can only be categorized as a singular Contact Type per import. If you wish to categorize your contacts as different Contact Types you will need to do one import per Contact Type. Consider labeling your Google contacts with the matching Copper Contact Type, then import each label selecting the Contact Type to match.

  10. You will be taken back to the Import data page where you can see the status of your import (ie. you will see the label “initializing” and once the import starts a progress bar.) When your import is complete you will have the option to see the Summary of the records created and Revert Import, which will delete the import records from Copper.


    Pro tip: If you are importing a large number of records, do a test import with a small number of records first, then if you are happy with the results, go ahead and import the rest!

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