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How to look up dropdowns and checkboxes in Zapier
How to look up dropdowns and checkboxes in Zapier

How to look up dropdowns and checkboxes in Zapier

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Are you getting a "(403) Forbidden Integrity Error" from Zapier? This means you are trying to insert a drop down or checkbox for a custom field in Copper. At this time, it is not possible to pass in dropdowns, sources, assignee IDs, contact types, or any dropdown into Zapier without work arounds. This article will go over a solution (checkbox example is at the bottom).


Add an action called "Formatter by Zapier." Select "Lookup Table." Put your string dropdown or source values on the left and the IDs on the right. It is a lookup table to replace the strings with IDs, as Copper can only read the ID values at this time.

Here is an example using Sources (zoom in the page to see the images better):


To get the Dropdown or Source IDs, just go to action 3. Create Lead and click sources and it will dropdown with all the IDs:


Please try the below steps to complete the above


1. Where are you passing in a dropdown option? Wherever that action is add an action there called a formatter

2. Select Utilities

3. Select Lookup Table

4. In the Lookup Key search for the dropdown you are trying to insert

Here I am looking for a custom field dropdown called Size

5. Go to Copper -> Settings -> Custom fields -> open the drop down and count how many dropdowns you have

6. Here I have three, so I will click the plus sign in Zapier to add three more options

7. Put Zapier and Copper side by side and copy/paste the dropdown options over so they look exactly the same as below

8. Now the next step is a little tricky. As you can see here, my trigger is when a person has been created. Wherever your dropdown is, you need to add another action that matches it. For example, since my trigger is new person, I need to add a create/update person action below. This is just temporary. If your trigger was new lead, you would add a create/update lead action below.

9. Once you have added the action, scroll to the bottom and find your custom field. Do you see the numbers next to the values? Those are the numbers we need for our Formatter action. Take a screenshot of these numbers or write them down.

10. Go back to the Formatter step and input the numbers

11. Hit Continue at the bottom when you are done

12. Click "Send Test To Formatter by Zapier." Here because the value entered was Medium, we should expect 301357 to be returned.

13. If you see a green bar it should be successful.

14. Now, we are going to pass in the value from our Formatter step into our action step. Go to your custom field.

15. Select "Use a Custom Value (advanced)"

16. You will see a new box appear below

17. Pass the value in from the formatter

18. Click Continue

19. Click "Send Test to Copper"

20. If it was successful, you should see a green bar

21. If you have more custom field dropdowns, you will have to make individual formatter actions for them

22. Have a custom field checkbox? Yes, you will have to make another formatter separately for this as well:

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