How to auto-log calls with the Android app


If you’re using Copper’s mobile app on an Android device, automatically logging calls has never been easier.

This feature allows you to make and receive calls on your Android device from your phone like normal, or from within the Copper app. Copper will then automatically match the number to a Copper contact record, and log an activity on the associated activity log.

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How to enable automatic call logging

To use the Copper app and enable this feature, you’ll need to be running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher and have the Copper mobile app installed.

First, open and login to the Copper mobile app. You’ll need to leave the app open while you make calls in order for the call activity logging to work.

In the app, navigate to the ‘More’ section in the bottom right.

Then click Settings > Phone > Phone Call Tracking.

Toggle on the switch for “Automatically Log Phone Calls”.

That’s it. You’re ready to go.


How to use automatic call logging

To begin using this feature, keep the Copper app running in the background and make a phone call like you normally would.

Copper will match the dialed number to the first contact in Copper that has that number.

Now, navigate to the activity log for that record, and you’ll see a new activity item that says “I called Kelly Smith at (415) 555-1477. Our phone call lasted 2 minutes and 7 seconds.”


If you receive a call from a number that matches a contact in Copper, you’ll see the activity logged as “Kelly Smith called me at (415) 555-1477. Our call lasted 2 minutes and 7 seconds."


Finally, you’re able to make calls from within the Copper app as well. To make a call, simply navigate to the contact record you wish to call, and click the “Call” icon that is located beneath their name. The call will then be completed as a normal call.


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