Following a Record

 You can follow records (people, companies, opportunities, projects, tasks and leads) by selecting the star icon on the record. This can result in you receiving email and/or in-app notification updates about the record you've followed.
You can follow a record in the list view:
Or you can follow the record on the record's individual page:
You can then choose to get updates about the record under 'Settings' > 'Notifications'

The following chart shows the notifications you can receive via email and in app as a result of following records:

 Email Notifications

 1. Note Logged

 2. Opportunity Stage changed

 3. Task Reminder

 4. Task Due

 5. Project Status changed

 6. Task Status changed

 7. Opportunity Status changed


 In App Notifications

 1. Opportunity Assignee changed

 2. Opportunity Pipeline changed

 3. Opportunity Stage changed

 4. Opportunity Value changed

 5. Opportunity Close Date changed

 6. Opportunity Priority changed

 7. Opportunity Status changed

 8. Lead Assignee changed

 9. Lead Status changed

 10. Lead Value changed

 11. Project Assignee changed

 12. Project Status changed

 13. People Assignee changed

 14. People Contact Type changed

 15. Company Assignee changed

 16. Company Contact Type changed

 17. Task Assignee changed

 18. Task Status changed

 19. Task Due Date changed

 20. Note logged

 21. Phone/Meeting/Custom Activity logged


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