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We understand that fiddling between multiple apps on your mobile device to get work done can be frustrating, especially while on the go.  By enabling the Email Send and Reply feature on Copper Mobile, you'll be able to send or reply to emails directly from our Mobile app without interrupting your workflow.

Understand the 'Send and Reply' feature on Mobile

You must have the Gmail sync set up in the Copper to use the 'Send and reply from Copper Mobile' email setting.  These emails will show up in your activity logs in Copper and your 'Sent Mail' folder in Gmail.

You can initiate a new email from the Activity Feed or by clicking the email address under Details associated with the profile of a lead or person record in Copper. Check out the screenshots below to see how it works on iOS and Android:

  1. On iOS devices, tap on the highlighted Activity Log cell below (on Android devices, select the plus symbol) sra1.png
  2. Select 'Send Email' from the Activity Log dropdown menu (same on iOS and Android): sra2.png
  3. Compose your email (same on iOS and Android): sra3.png

You can reply to emails directly from the Copper activity log. Just click the email activity in the log, then click 'Reply' to initiate your response (same on iOS and Android):

  1. To reply, view an email log and tap on the highlighted area below. sra3.png
  2. If you want to switch to a full screen view or edit recipients, click the expand icon (highlighted below). sra4.png
  3. Reply in full screen mode and edit recipients: sra5.png

When replying, you can expand the quick reply view to a full screen view to adjust recipients (including CC and BCC).

Note: Because this feature still relies on Gmail to deliver the email to the contact, you should be mindful of the Gmail daily limit of emails you can send.

Note: Rich text formatting and File attachment is not supported in the Mobile app feature at this time.

Enable the 'Send and Reply' feature on Mobile

Here are the steps to enable this feature:

  1. Sign into your Copper account on your mobile device, and click 'More' in the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Under 'More,' click 'Settings.'
  3. In 'Settings,' click 'Email.'
  4. Under 'Email', on iOS devices select 'Copper.'  On Android devices select 'Send and Reply to Email.'

Still have questions?

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