Copper Sub-Processors

Last updated: October 2020

Copper and its affiliates use a range of Third Party Providers to assist them with the provision of the Service, as described below.  The terms “Third Party Provider” and “Service” as used on this page have the meanings given in Copper’s Data Protection Addendum, a copy of which can be located at Copper’s EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance webpage.

Third Party Provider Corporate Location Type of Service
eFlexservices, Inc. Philippines Customer Success and Support 
Intercom R&D Unlimited Company USA Customer Success and Support 
Skilljar, Inc. USA  Customer Success and Support USA Customer Success and Support 
Zapier Inc. USA Customer Success and Support 
Zendesk Inc. USA Customer Success and Support 
Google LLC USA Data Analytics, Marketing, Product 
strongDM, Inc. USA  Engineering
Appdirect, Inc. USA  Finance
Stripe, Inc. USA Finance
Recurly, Inc. USA Finance 
Slack Technologies, Inc. USA General 
Zoom Video Communications, Inc. USA General 
Amazon Web Services  USA Hosting
Citus Data Inc.  USA Hosting 
Redis Labs Ltd.  USA  Hosting
SendGrid, Inc.  USA  Hosting
EverContact, Inc.  USA  Product
FullContact, Inc. USA  Product
AppCues, Inc. USA  Product
Scalyr, Inc. USA  Product
Instana Inc. Germany Product

If you are a Copper subscriber and would like to be notified by email of any new Third-Party Providers that may be engaged by Copper in the future, please submit your request to and include the subscriber name and email address.

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