Invite a New User

Before inviting a user, confirm that your subscription has an empty seat for them to fill. Account Owners can add seats by going to Settings > Billing.

Please note only Admins and Account Owners can invite new users.

Follow these steps to invite a new user to Copper:

  1. From the Copper web app, click Settings from the left hand menu.
  2. Scroll down to Account Settings and click Company & Invite New Users.
  3. Click the Invite New Users button in the upper right corner.
  4. This pop-up will appear: 
    • Name: Enter the name of your team member.

    • Email: Enter the email address your team member's Gmail address.

    • System Admin: Do you want this person to be an Admin?

    • Google Sync: Do you want this person's emails and calendar events to be synced with Copper?

    • Data Export: Do you want to allow this person to export data?

    • Dropbox: Do you want this person to use dropbox to sync files?

  5. Click 'Save.'

The new user will receive a confirmation email where they can accept your invitation.

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