Invite a New User

Before inviting a user, confirm that your subscription has an empty seat for them to fill. Account Owners can add seats by going to Settings > Billing.

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Inviting a New User

The easiest way to invite a user is to open up the Copper web app and click the Invite button on the purple sidebar.


You'll get a popup asking who you would like to invite:



To customize the user's invite, click the "See options":


This shows more options such as making that user an admin, allowing/disallowing them to export data, and allowing/disallowing their Google sync.

The new user will receive an invitation email.


You can also invite new users by going to Settings > Account Settings > Company & Invite New Users > Invite users. This is also where you can edit users or re-send an invitation email.



Who can invite new users?

By default, any Copper user can invite another user.

Admins and Account Owners have access to a checkbox for "Only allow Account Owners and Admins to invite new users" - this allows them to block regular-level users from inviting additional users.


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