Edit your Notifications

Edit your Notifications

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Copper wants to help you be more efficient. Where we can, we'll send important updates to you so you don't have to go looking for them. We can send these notifications via email, via the web app, and via our mobile apps. You get to choose which notifications you receive on which devices.

There are two sections on this page:

Understand notifications

The notifications section allows each user to specify their personal notification preferences. It's pretty simple to navigate.

Across the top of each white box, we list the devices you can receive those notifications on:


Email Notification - You will receive an email when an event occurs.

In-App Notification - You will receive notifications in the web app, stored under the bell icon in the upper left


Mobile Notification - A push notification will be sent to your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

Down the lefthand side of each white box, we list actions that could trigger a notification:


If the checkbox is absent below a particular device, the device cannot send that particular notification.

Let's get to know each of these notifications in more detail:

Records I follow are updated - When you follow a Copper record, you're asking the system to keep you informed of updates to the record. You can uncheck these boxes if you don't want notifications on a particular device. For a complete list of the updates you'll receive notifications for, check out our article on 'Following a Record.'

New Contact suggestions - If you sync with Gmail, anyone you email who is not already a lead or person in Copper will be sent to your Copper Dashboard page as a 'Suggested Contact.' You can click the add button next to their name to add them as a person record. Any time a new contact is suggested from Gmail, you can receive a notification.

Someone mentions me - You can @mention fellow Copper users in the activity log of a record. These notifications can help you keep an eye on @mentions you receive from other users.

Task is owned by me - Your name has been added to the 'Owner' field of a task.

Lead is owned by me - Your name has been added to the 'Owner' field of a lead record.

Opportunity is owned by me - Your name has been added to the 'Owner' field of an opportunity record.

Project is owned by me - Your name has been added to the 'Owner' field of a project.

Person is owned by me - Your name has been added to the 'Owner' field of a person record.

Company is owned by me - Your name has been added to the 'Owner' field of a company record.

Task is due - You can set a due date and time on a task. This notification will send when that due date and time occurs.

Task reminders - You can set reminders on tasks manually or automatically. These let you know a task due date is approaching. These notifications will send when that reminder date and time occurs.

My import is complete - An import of data you've sent to Copper was completed.

My import has been reverted - If you decide to revert your import, this will let you know when that action is complete.

My bulk update is complete - This notifies you that any bulk edits you've made are complete.

My export is complete - An export of data that you've requested is now complete.

My bulk emails are complete - This notifies you when a bulk email send you've initiated has fully sent to all contacts.

Understand automatically following records


A record is a lead, person, company, opportunity, project or task. When you follow a record, you'll receive notifications around updates on that record. It's easy to manually follow a record, but as your business grows, you may want to automate this. If you check any of the boxes in this setting, you can automatically follow a record when an action takes place on the record.

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