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Google Sheets Add-on: Report on the relationship between records
Google Sheets Add-on: Report on the relationship between records

Google Sheets Add-on: Report on the relationship between records

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If you need to get a list of records based off their relation to another record (ex. all people related to 5 different opportunities), we've built a handy tool to allow you to do that.


  1. Make a copy of our spreadsheet.

Create your list of related records

1. Open the spreadsheet you made a copy of.

2. Select your Parent Type > the category you want relational data from (if this is confusing, mimic our example below)

**The child type will not include custom fields. For Child Type People, it will only include name, email, and phone number.

Example: If you want to see all Companies with related People information, put Company as the Parent Type and People as Child type.

3. Type in your registered Copper email address and copy/paste in your API Token from Copper ⇨ Settings ⇨ API Keys ⇨ Generate API Token ⇨ Copy/paste it here

4. In the menu, go to Add-ons -> Copper CRM for Google Sheets -> Import data

5. In “Choose what you want to import” put the Parent Type you selected from above. For instance, In our example we chose Companies, so select Companies

6. In “Choose a filter,” it is your decision if you want the spreadsheet to have all companies, or just companies from your filtered list. Here I have selected “All Companies.”

7. You will wait for it to load

8. You should see a new sheet called Companies at the bottom

9. Once all your companies have loaded, go to back to Sheet1 and go to the menu "Copper" and click “Get related”

10. It will ask you for authorization. Click “Continue”

11. Click Allow

12. You will see a notification saying “Running Script”

13. You will see your rows populating in the spreadsheet

14. Wait until is is complete

15. You are done!

16. If you want to make a new query, you will have to make a copy of this sheet and start over:

Or you can copy and then delete all the new sheets that were created. For example, I would delete the sheets called “All Companies - Companies” and “Companies and related People”

Then I would start over by clicking the Copper menu again

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