Common Issues with Importing Data

How to have a successful import

1. Import as an Excel file if you can. If you do not have Excel, use this guide
2. People email and Company domain are keys in our database. Export your people or company records from Settings -> Export Data and cross check for duplicate email addresses or email domains against your import using this guide
3. Use this guide to check your files for spaces after people names, or in between company names. Spaces count as extra characters and will create a new person or company if the spaces are not identical during import. For example: "Rachel[space]" is not the same as "Rachel"
4. Make all formulas or hardcoded links plain text. We will not be able to import those in.
5. Did you create any custom fields that are identical to our hard coded fields below? If you have any custom fields with these names, please delete them

Other issues encountered by our users when importing data

For the Name field, I have names separated in one column for First Name and one column for Last Name. Can I import this into Copper?

Yes, when mapping your columns to Copper fields, map the first name column to the Copper field "First Name", and map the last name column to the Copper field "Last Name". Copper will import the First Name and Last Name and combine it into the Full Name field for you.

Can I import multiple phone numbers for Leads/People/Companies?

Yes, when importing multiple phone numbers for Leads/People, create additional columns in your CSV file.

For each additional phone number:
A) Create one additional columns to the import template
B) Name the column "[Type] Phone" (Example: "Work Phone")

Can I import multiple email addresses for Leads/People?

Yes for People records, when importing multiple email addresses for People, create additional columns in your CSV file. 

For each additional Email Address:
A) Create one additional columns to the import template
B) Name the column "[Type] Email" (Example: "Work Email")

No for Leads - Copper limits each Lead to have only one email address. 

Can I import multiple websites for Leads/People/Companies?

Yes, when importing multiple websites for Leads/People/Companies, create additional columns in your CSV file. 

For each additional website:
A) Create one additional columns to the import template
B) Name the column "[Type] Website" (Example: "Work Website")

How can I preserve my legacy creation date from another service?

If you are importing data from a previous system and would like to preserve your legacy or original record creation date, you can do so by using our “Created At” field during your import.

During your import, simply map the data column containing your legacy record creation date to the “Created At” field. You can also paste your legacy creation dates into the “Created At” field which can be found in all of our pre-formatted import templates.

Can I import multiple addresses for Leads/People/Companies?

No, Copper limits each record to have only one address.
We recommend you to import the company address to the Company record, and the personal address to the Person record.

My data in the assignee/assigned to fields are not being imported. Why?

You can only assign records to system users that exist in your Copper account. If the assignee has not been added to your Copper account, please invite the team member to join your Copper account BEFORE importing the data. 

The assignee does exist in my Copper, but the the data is not being imported. Why?

The name in the import file must match exactly how it appears in your Copper account.
To confirm, please take a look at the Company Users page to see how their name is displayed in Copper. (System Settings > Company Users)

My Tags are not importing into Copper. Why?

At the moment, the maximum characters a Tag can have is 50 characters.

Copper cannot recognize the format of my import file. Why?

We strongly recommend using the import templates to import your data into Copper. If you are seeing a error message that says the format is not being recognized, this can be due to a number of different factors.

Please delete any rows (including blank rows) above the header row of your data.

Please delete any columns with a blank header to the left or in the middle of your data.

Please remove any special formatting.

For step-by-step instructions please take a look at our Importing Data From an Excel or CSV File article.
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